Thursday, January 04, 2007

Every New Year I am faced with the issue of how to improve on my near angelic nature with a resolution to do better. Some people (let's just call them 'everyone' for ease) would have me believe that I am not the most tolerant or patient of people as I have a sense of distrust in others (let's just call them fools) and a slight intellectual snobbery. So, with that in mind, I thought that I would renew my 'Be Nice' resolution and mark my first act of kindness by extolling the good qualities of some of my close friends. Here they are in alphabetical order:


Barbara has a precious sweet innocence that is almost impossible to find these days and a smile and laugh that lights up everything around her. She has that je-ne-sais-crois and joie-de-vivre that draws people towards her in a crowd even if it is just someone who wants to sleep with her for the night. She knows how to have a good time and will be the last one on the dance floor before the lights go down (or off). She also hides under a bushel that fact that she is very intelligent and can speak her mind (even if just to tell you 'jealous'). She also has great hair.


Brian is as sexy as they come. He turns heads everywhere he goes and displays that aura of confidence and manliness that makes the guys at the Eagle and Faultline salivate. He is generous to a fault and always wants to show his generosity without expecting anything in return. He is the most even-tempered person I know and shows exceptional patience in dealing with others (when any reasonable person would have flown off the handle). He also has a very nice package.


Carl has the oldest soul on the planet. He was probably Adam and gave into Eve's offer of the apple because he has the biggest of hearts and always sees the good in everyone hoping that the bad things have gone away. His old spirit also sees things others do not and channels the celestial voices from his dreams into the beauty of his poetry. He has the sharpest of Irish wit and can draw laughter out of a rock, wanting the world to laugh and the everyone to be at peace. He also has an excellent confirmation name.


Miles is passionate about the world. He is the kind of friend that we all love to have deep conversation with over a couple of beers (or in his case martinis) and get fired-up and take no prisoners. He has a wicked bad-boy-next-door quality mixed with the loyalty of a border collie. Miles will also be the person who personally assassinates George Bush et al. in his quest to save the world from corruption and greed. He burns with the fire of a revolutionary and wants nothing more than for the meek to inherit the earth (and another martini). He also has a really dirty mind.


Steve is a hunk of a man whose exterior hides his bashful and playful interior. He welcomes everyone with open arms and does not judge others. He loves nothing more than a good laugh (or in his case, a giggle) with the company of clowns and to have a good ogle at the boys. His love of the divas of music and musicals is contrasted by his love of political thinking and his distrust of the big bad government. His good-humored banter is also beautifully riddled with British comedy references. And he has hairy chest.

So I am lucky to have some great people in my life that I count as friends. Edie Brickell in her song 'Circle' cynically said that everything is temporary, even friends. I don't believe that to be the case. I fully intend on being the cantankerous old biddy in the gay Palm Springs nursing home imbibing with all my good friends and driving everybody else around us crazy.

That's it for now. It's my busy season and I have a lot of stuff to do.....



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